mrt 262013

Anti-Relativiteit: de geschiedenis van elektriciteit

In 4 delen vertelt Eric Dollard over de geschiedenis van elektriciteit, wat de kenmerken zijn en hoe de prille ontwikkeling van elektriciteit door de eather (Tesla) begin vorige eeuw een halt werd toegeroepen.

Begrippen als longitidunale golven (LMD), counter space en dielectriciteit komen langs…





feb 012013

Deze Primer Fields Theorie over fundamentele krachten in ons elektrisch universum haalt in elk geval de “gevestigde” theorieën van fysica en astrofysica voorgoed onderuit.

De gebruikte plasma beelden zijn niet bewerkte beelden, op eventuele snelheid na dan.

Als je kijkt naar de CERN dome – Europese organisatie van nucleair onderzoek , het hoofdkantoor van de “Big Bang Kerk” – dan wordt juist een magnetische model van zo’n koepel met gat gebruikt om plasma zon en schijf te creëren.

Primer Fields, deel 1

Primer Fields, deel 2

jan 122013

Ideeën betreffende de geometrie van de Vortex Mathematica.

Een artistieke impressie van Tom Barnett.

Bij de reacties is te lezen:

“Since making this I have realised a few things are not quite right, I am working on another film right now to resolve them. Thanks for your interest though.”

YouTube Tom Barnett

Tom Barnett noteert hierbij:

1. THE FRACTALS CENTRE: Primal Point of Unity / Circle Centre? My choice of the “primal point” as the centre is firstly intuitive. However it fits with a number of other elements of the expanded geometry such as the scaling of intensity of numbers from the outside of the 8 tori matrix to the centre. Secondly even though the south of the 2d fractal Rodin Symbol is compressed the nines retain a consistent distance from each other through all north to south. I welcome discussion on this. I have tried placing the centre in the centre of the circle and the number allignments still seem to fit.

2. AXIS OF ROTATION FOR TORI. To some people selection of the edge of the 9th ring (81×81) as the axis point might seem arbitrary. Again it was kind of intuitive regarding the geometry of the whole fractal. It positions the complete infinite Rodin number matrix between an infinite zero (ie the ring described by the rotation of the central Primal point on the 2D fractal) and an infinite 9. This infinite 9 is compressed at the centre of the tori matrix, and then expands to encompass the everything outside the tori matrix. We then have 3 very unique infinities.

3. NORTH / SOUTH ALLIGNMENT. When alligned correctly the eight tori have a distinct North and South line through which the 9′s travel in straight lines, to each side of this line they curve away. The final piece of 3D footage should demonstrate this but its not as clear as the original film. This took 16 hrs to render 4 seconds! Therefore I need a much better comp to deal with the visualising the energising of the number circuits.

4. NUMBER ALLIGNMENTS IN 3D TORI MATRIX. If we imagine slicing the 8 tori matrix in a variety of places through the x axis we will only see the fractal map I have drawn when slicing exactly through north.

5. GAP SPACE TORI 3(27×27) + 6(54×54). Since making the film I have been thinking it is probably only a six torus matrix. If the fractal structure of the doubling circuit is to be continuous then the whole of the third and sixth tori acts as a gap space. This non-use of the 3rd (27×27) and 6th (54×54) circle of numbers in the doubling sequence can be seen around 3.20.

6. MAKING A COIL? Draw out the map yourself or I can send you a copy to get the exact proportions of each specific torus. I have another video about how to make any scale torus.

7. NOTHING NEW? I have seen none of this stuff before apart from the symbol and abha torus structure. Apologies if anyone thinks they have already done any of this. If so please share! When making the first image – I did keep saying to myself- surely someone has done this already!

jan 062013

Een presentatie van Dr. Sam Osmanagich over de Bosnische Piramides. (2h:45m)

De Bosnische piramide, Visocica Hill, is de eerste piramide die in Europa werd ontdekt. Ze ligt in het hart van Bosnië bij de plaats Visoko. Op de website Bosnian Pyramid vind je meer informatie.

Bosnian Pyramid
Semir Sam Osmanagich
YouTube kanaal Bosnian Pyramids TV

dec 112012

Deze lezing van Santos Bonacci is een vervolg op zijn vorige lezingen over Syncretisme.

Santos Bonacci: Syncretisme, Magnum Opus – deel 1

Santos Bonacci: Syncretisme, Magnum Opus – deel 2

website Santos Bonacci : Astrotheology – The Holy Science

nov 232012

Deze lezing van Santos Bonacci is een vervolg op zijn vorige lezing over Syncretisme.

Syncretism – The perennial Philosophy, deel 1

Syncretisme = Universele Godskennis
perennial = van alle tijden

Syncretism – The perennial Philosophy, deel 2

website Santos Bonacci : Astrotheology – The Holy Science